"Deb Oh and her troop are quickly making a name for themselves in the NYC music scene with their richly layered arrangements and commanding vocals, drawing comparisons to acts such as Feist, London Grammar and Daughter." - Huffington Post

Intricately epic, viscerally cerebral: Deb Oh & the Cavaliers are a powerful study in contrasts. With orchestral, piano-driven arrangements that have grown fiercer over time, this seven-piece, NYC-based band boasts a singular sound led by Deb Oh's equally singular voice - a subtle mix of soul and sheer drive. 

Deb Oh originally hails from Alaska, where she grew up learning classical piano and singing in choirs at a very early age, before moving to the east coast in her later childhood. Having split her life between Alaska and NYC, there is a complexity in perspective that shines through in her songwriting.

 "Pursuit Of" - a track from their debut EP, Hieroglyphs - was written with memories of Alaska in mind; the driving percussion, relentless orchestration, and howling vocals paint a vivid image of the wilderness she grew up on in. At the other end of the spectrum, "Grey" exhibits the smoother, more soulful influences from Deb's urban surroundings, exuding a different kind of confidence. 

With the collaboration of the Cavaliers, these songs become richly textured works, likening Deb Oh & the Cavaliers' sound to Feist and Florence and the Machine, with allusions to Fleetwood Mac. Musical arrangements aside, Deb also stands out for the caliber of her lyrics, which stray from conventional writings and often incorporate literary and political themes - demonstrated in their single, "Primacy".  

Winner of Silversound's 4th Annual Band Battle, Deb Oh & the Cavaliers have played extensively in NYC to support Hieroglyphs, and you'll soon find them in a city near you. 


[Photo by Shervin Lainez]